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About Our Company

Our Journey
Point3 Online is the brainchild of Point3 Limited, a UK-based company with a passion for revolutionizing the farming and commodity trading industries. With a company registration number of 13903872, Point3 Limited has been at the forefront of innovation in the agricultural sector.
Purpose and Goals

At Point3 Online, our main goal is to empower investors to invest in farms and trade commodities, while also making a positive impact on the agricultural sector. By sharing a portion of the after-sales profit with investors, we not only provide lucrative investment opportunity but also support farmers and promote food productivity.

What We Offer

At Point3 Online, we provide a unique opportunity for investors to make an impact in the agricultural industry. By investing in farms and trading commodities, our investors help farmers produce more food, prevent post-harvest loss, and contribute to the overall growth of the sector.


Over the years, Point3 Online has achieved many milestones in the farming investment and commodity trading industries. We have helped thousands of farmers increase their productivity, reduce post-harvest loss, and improve their livelihoods.
We have been paying investors since August 2022.

Until Now

Development from Year to Year

AUG 2022


Point3 Online was established, offering a platform for diversified investment opportunities.

OCT 2023


Despite facing challenges and hardships, Point3 Online persevered and continued to innovate.

APRIL 2024


A new and improved Point3 Online emerged, with enhanced features and services, solidifying its position as a trusted and reliable investment platform.

About us

Raising Funds For Farming & Trading

At Point3 Online, we are dedicated to making investment accessible and rewarding for everyone.

Our platform empowers investors with a wide array of investment options in farm crowdfunding and commodity trading, allowing for portfolio diversification and potential growth.

By bridging the gap between investors and real farming activities, we aim to create a positive impact on agricultural sectors. With a focus on transparency and security, we provide a user-friendly interface for easy investment management.

Join us at Point3 Online and become a part of our mission to revolutionize the agricultural sector. Invest in farms, trade commodities, and make a positive impact on the world. Together, we can support farmers, promote food productivity, and create a sustainable future for all.


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What Our Investors Says

Point3 Online has revolutionized my investment approach. The diverse opportunities and transparent platform have given me confidence in my investment decisions.

Jessica Ampong


Investing with Point3 Online has significantly impacted my finances. The profit-sharing model has proven to be an effective method for maximizing returns, and the user-friendly interface simplifies investment management.

Daniel Kudjo


I have found great success with Point3 Online. The impact of my investments on real farming activities is rewarding, and the option to withdraw or reinvest earnings provides flexibility for financial growth.

Oluwafemi Joseph


Discover a place to invest and grow your passive income. Join Point3 Online and watch your money work for you.